Keg Accessory Kit (500pcs - 1000pcs)
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Quantities of 500pcs & 1000pcs


Note: We are currently backordered on all colors of keg caps. You may pre-order for delivery at a later date. Thank you!

Newly Revised, the Keg Accessory Kit inlcudes the Cap & Collar Set with "All-Weather" Keg Collars and Blank Vented Keg Caps* - For Indoor/Outdoor Use.

Note: Items ships in fixed quantities. 



We are currently backordered on Black, White, Red, Purple caps



*The Keg Accessory Kit includes a Cap&Collar Set:

New and improved ALL-WEATHER Keg Collars for indoor/outdoor use. Make organizing inventory and keg labeling easy with The Keg Cap and Keg Collar Set Includes Keg Collars and Keg Caps. Keg Collars are 6.5" round printed on 18pt white All-Weather Poster Board. Includes a write-in section, ABV write-in and a date band. Keg collars are reusable. Vented Keg Caps protect the filling and valve of your kegs. Keg Cap MATERIAL: PLASTIC.

Keg Collars - Stock generic KEG COLLARS which incldues a write-in section and a date band. Item is reusable for indoor/outdoor use. Note: Pre-inked stamps & stampers not recommended for this paper stock.
Price Includes: Stock collars ONLY. Pre-printed. Items can ship within 1-3 work days based on availability.

Blank Vented Keg cap - Protect the filling and valve of your kegs with a vented keg cap. MATERIAL: PLASTIC.Price Includes: Blank Vented Keg Cap. CHOICE OF STOCK COLORS: RED (fire engine red), YELLOW (bright yellow), BLUE (sky blue - limited quantities), MEDIUM BLUE (Royal Blue), GREEN (Forest green), CLEAR (frosted), BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE (Royal), ORANGE. Stock item. Can ship within 2-3 work days based on inventory availability. 




Comments: Items ships in fixed amounts. No set-up or plate charges on stock items. Quantity is fixed per bundle. Shipping charges are in addition. Items may arrive in separate packages. All prices are subject to change without notice. All lead times are estimated and may change during times of heavy volume.

Note: Cap color green is a close representation and may not reflect current stock color green available. Light blue is currently in limited supply, orders for blue on our website will automaticall ship medium blue (royal blue) until stock is re-filled. If you require a light blue keg cap, please email us at or visit our Contact Us Page

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Keg Accessory Kit (500pcs - 1000pcs)

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