16 oz Eco-Friendly PLA cold cups - Blank
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16oz Eco Friendly Clear Cup
Product# RECC16-blank


Eco-Friendly PLA cold cups. These crystal clear 16 oz. cups utilize a corn-based plastic that is 100% compostable, so when disposed of properly, they become nutrients for the Earth. Ideal for any organization or business, you can fill your shelves and stockrooms knowing that your business decision doubles as an ecological statement. Best for use with cold and frozen drinks. The perfect cup for any eco-conscious company! (#RECC16)


Price includes Blank Product

Packed 1000pcs/carton

Lids are also availalable. Add'l Charge Applies.


Comments: Shipping is in addition. Exact color matches are not guaranteed, but will come as close as possible. Product sold as blanks. Customizeable optiosn for each cup are also availalbe with a one-color imprint to showcase your brand name, logo or marketing message. Lids are also available.

  • Item #: 0042-RECC16-B

16 oz Eco-Friendly PLA cold cups - Blank

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